Cheetah - Hunting in Packs

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Created at 02 / 2013
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Watch this video and learn all about Cheetah - hunting in packs. Amazing facts about nature, wild animals, animals, extras, big cats, and mammals in 1, 2 or 3 minute videos!

Cheetah Facts

The Cheetah is a big cat within the subfamily Felinae, and the fastest land animal in the world.

Where do Cheetahs live?

Cheetahs inhabit most of the continent of Africa and parts of Iran.

What do Cheetahs eat?

The cheetah's diet consists of gazelles, impalas, antelopes, wildebeest calves, rabbits, birds, and hares. Cheetahs can live with almost no liquids whatsoever - having a drink once every four days. 

Do Cheetahs hunt in packs?

Sometimes. Cheetahs are mostly solitary hunters, except for when they live in a coalition. They will hunt in groups in cases they wish to hunt larger prey.
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